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Celebrate our Birthday with us 

And join one of the Birthday Bash worlds! 

On both worlds, you will have time to sleep at night. No attacks between midnight and 8 am! On the European world, Eux3n, the night truce will be in Greenwich Mean Time, GMT (UTC). And on the American world, the night truce will be in Central Daylight time CDT (UTC-5). But once the first rays of light appear, it is full-on war again. 

Decide when you want to have time to sleep and join the Birthday Bash.

Play on a multilingual server and choose one of the following languages:
English, Deutsch, Português, Čeština, Русский, Français, Italiano, Türkçe, Polski, Español, العربية

Community Challenges and Rewards


* Both game worlds offer the same game play, the same Birthday cosmetics, and the same challenges. The difference between them is the night truce time zone. We will deactivate the registration once one world is full.